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Artist: Tamla Marsh Boone

Tamla uses various mediums and creativity to develop engaging visual art. Her pieces may involve ceramics, paint, wood, metal or glass.  Tamla is an Art Educator to students of all ages in various venues. Her experience includes collaborations with Schools, Science Centers, Historical Sites, Arts and History Centers.  She’s travelled by horse and buggy, lived in Civil War Forts, caused explosions and set herself on fire several times all in the name of Passion. She is passionate about teaching her crafts, history and adventures. She serves as a resident artist with Durham Arts Council, Carborro Arts, Asheville Taapas. She has a BA in Communications from UNC Chapel Hill, a MAT in Art from UNC Pembroke and is currently a candidate for a  MFA in Ceramics.

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My Story

When the opportunity arises to put my legacy on canvas, it creates a conversation between the eyes and the mind.  The eyes ask the mind, “What is this we are seeing” and the mind answers back with a sigh.  “It will take work to understand” the mind says and starts a search through archives to collect harmonious stories.  Digging deep, looking for old tales or secrets, he finally answers back to the eyes.  “It's her history!”  The eyes say, I’ve never seen this before.  The mind replies, “It’s from other cultures.  Shhh, let’s see what it has to say.”  But the eyes felt restless, unsteady and she questioned the mind persistently.  Eyes asked again, the piece tells a story, the art tells secrets about her culture?  “Yes,” says mind, they called it oral traditions?  The eyes and the mind couldn’t rest from the canvas and the quiet traditions that spoke volumes.  The volumes emanated a melodious hertz that awaked the soul.  The soul yawns, “Who’s secrets are we uncovering?” The eye and the mind answer back, “Hers!”  The oral traditions displayed in my art are a collaboration of secrets, they speak of the journey of a passionate woman and her art.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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